Rich like make things.

Rich shy when child.

Rich sometimes shy adult.

Rich like bunny lots.

Rich public speak often.

Rich dance when nobody looking.

Rich make funny face.

Rich do more with less.

Rich INFJ.

Rich talk Boston accent when drunk or by lady special request.

Rich grow up in hardcore punk hip hop culture.

Rich 5’7” on good day.

Rich keep it real.

Rich do own thing.

Rich need exercise more.

Rich draw line.

Rich shave head almost daily.

Rich tired of fighting.

Rich gluten-free eat.

Rich like smell good.

Rich recovering sugarholic.

Rich wish he a little bit taller.

Rich hate meatloaf.

Rich have art shows.

Rich uber Virgo.

Rich like read Tao.

Rich not guido.

Rich make many silkscreen print.

Rich quiet sometimes.

Rich talk too much other times.

Rich have two brothers.

Rich look silly in Speedo.

Rich hate cold.

Rich do more with less.

Rich lose tan quick after Summer.

Rich think that enough for now.